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About Pounse
Pounse is an invitation-only site that introduces you to new people through your friends. Think of it as the high-quality alternative to meeting in bars, clubs and randomly at other local spots. Pounse also hosts exclusive local events, giving you a way to meet up with friends and other members in a casual and fun setting.

Pounse is great whether you're single or in a relationship. And joining Pounse is free...but of course you'll need your invite...

Some facts about Pounse:

• Pounse membership is doubling every month
• Pounse is a casual, fun way for the post-college crowd to meet new people
outside friends' parties and bars or clubs
• Pounse was inspired by endless online dating horror stories and complaints
that there's no good way to meet new people in big cities
• Pounse membership is free, letting you meet and communicate with new
people and attend exclusive events
• Pounse is now available nationwide, with LA the first city to have hosted events
• Pounse was founded in 2009

How Pounse works

When you join Pounse, you tell us about yourself, create a profile for others to see and tell us what types of people you'd like to meet. Then add your friends by searching by name or scanning your contacts. Once you're all set up, you can:

• Get introduced to new people in your area based on shared interests and
overall compatibility
• Search local members within or outside your friend network to see who
matches you best, and who you match best
• Discover unknown connections with new members through common friends
• See how well other members (including friends) match your ideal
traits in looks, smarts and personality
• Send a message to someone interesting - or to start things off, Pounse them
• Get advice from your Wing Man or Wing Woman when sending messages
• Find out when someone likes you using our Double Favorites feature
• Set up pairs of friends you think would be good for each other, and track the
progress of these 'matchmakes'
• Suggest a user's profile to a friend, when that friend might like it
• Decide who can contact you through advanced communication controls
• Set your advanced privacy controls to determine what other people can see
about your Pounse account and who can find you on Pounse
• Attend exclusive Pounse events at bars, restaurants and outdoor venues to get
out on the town and mingle with other members
• Create your own events, upload pictures and tag your friends in photos

Pounse is free to join. And because Pounse is by invitation only, you know it's going to be high quality. Pounse is based in Los Angeles, CA.
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