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What is Pounse?
• Pounse is an invitation-only site that introduces you to new people through your friends. It's a casual, fun way to meet new people outside friends' parties and bars or clubs.

Why is Pounse invitation only?
• Pounse membership is by invitation only to keep it high quality. Making it invitation only ensures on here is connected through friends, and helps stop creeps from getting into our fun, casual scene.

What if I'm in a relationship?
• Glad to hear it! Pounse lets you stay out of the singles scene if you're in a relationship. You can instead focus on meeting new people for friendship, matching up your friends and building your network on Pounse. And if you really want, you can still be a part of the singles scene to see who's out there.

Is Pounse really free?
• Yes it is. Join Pounse and you'll be able to meet new people, introduce your friends, communicate with and Pounse other members, and be able to attend our exclusive events. Someday, people who join later will pay for premium features - but if you join now you'll always get everything for free.

How can I join Pounse?
• If you know someone on Pounse, get them to send you an invitation. If they told you about Pounse but forgot to send you an invitation, click the 'sign me up' link on our home page and find them on Pounse - most of our members allow their friends to sneak in this way. And if that doesn't work, email your friends to ask them if they're on Pounse. If you were given an invitation card, you can also use your invitation code to join.

What cities is Pounse available in?
• Pounse is now available across the country, with Los Angeles the only region to have Pounse events. If you're not in LA, vote for your city to using the link on our home page and yours could be the next to have Pounse events.

How do I meet new people through Pounse?
• First, tell us about yourself - details about your looks, smarts and personality. Next, tell us about the people you're interested in, in terms of their traits and how important each trait is to you. Based on what you're looking for, what they're looking for and shared interests listed in your profiles, we'll suggest other Pounse members you might like. Your friends can also introduce you to their friends using profile suggestions or matchmaking.

What's a Chat It Up match? How is that different from a regular match?
• Chat It Up matches are special - they combine compatibility on Looks, Smarts and Personality with shared interests. When we find one, we introduce them to you and suggest you start a conversation!

What's a Double Favorite?
• A Double Favorite is when one of your Favorite members adds you as a Favorite too. When that happens, we'll let you both know - and you'll take it from there.

Who are the Wing Man and Wing Woman?
• Your Wing Man and Wing Woman are on Pounse to help you out. When sending a message to someone else, the Wing Man and Wing Woman will make sure you're not babbling, writing back to quickly or sending messages to someone who's not interested. Follow their advice and you'll be golden.

How do I set up my friends on Pounse?
• Use our matchmaking tool to pick two friends who'd be good for each other, and we'll show you how well they match and keep you posted on what each of them thinks. If you don't want both of them to know, or one isn't a friend, use our profile suggestion tool located in each person's profile.

Will I get friend requests from people I don't know?
• Of course not - this is Pounse! People will need to confirm your last name or email address before they can add you as a friend.

What about annoying messages - will I get Spammed or hassled?
• We've created privacy features to stop this from happening. First, decide who can contact you - maybe they need to live nearby, be a good match or within some age range. This is your first filter. Next, block any members who sent you a message you didn't want. Finally, we limit the number of messages each member can send in a day. When someone gets blocked or reported enough times, they can't send messages any more or are kicked off Pounse.

How much will friends get to see on Pounse?
• On Pounse, you keep things as private as you want. There's no 'News Feed' telling friends what you're up to. Nobody can see who you're interacting with, and friends are only as public as you want them to be. You can even make sure you don't appear in friend search results, helping keep your Pounse membership to yourself.

How do I attend Pounse events?
• Upcoming Pounse events will be announced on your home page or forwarded to you through a friend. All you need to do is RSVP to the event and you'll be added to the guest list. Get ready to meet some new cool people and you're all set.

Is it true you can make money on Pounse?
• We want to reward you for inviting other members to the site, so we came up with a way to do that once Pounse has premium features. People who join further down the road will be able to pay for these premium features (you won't have to), and we'll give you half of the money they pay. Invite 2 members and you'll get the cost of a Premium membership credited back to you. Invite more and you could be raking it in.

How long has Pounse been around?
• Pounse was founded in 2009, inspired by endless online dating horror stories and complaints that there's no good way to meet new people in big cities. We plan on being around for a long time.

Where is Pounse's home base?
• Our offices are located near the beach in Los Angeles, CA.

How can I learn more?
• Visit Pounse's Help section here to learn more about all of Pounse's features.
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