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Testimonials from real Pounse members
Our members seem to love Pounse, and have a lot to say about it. Here's a sampling of what they've gotten off their chest.

"I LOVE to Pounse! I want to pounse anyone. I LOVE the canned message option. I'm on a boat!!"
- Maria, Age 24

"The site is awesome. I really like it so far."
- Casey, Age 23

"I love that the wing woman is giving me advice - I'm not supposed to get too emotional yet ;)"
- Amanda, Age 27

"I like the idea of being invitation-only and being able to matchmake friends"
- Jennie, Age 27

"Love the site!"
- Dan, Age 29

"I like the site its very cool! I love the little options and responses!"
- Christie, Age 30

"I really like the website.....slick interface. I'm excited to fwd on to more peeps."
- Florence, Age 29

"It feels young and fresh and upscale"
- Amanda, Age 27

"I'm hooked"
- Jadon, Age 28

"Search page is awesome. Really love the fact that I can see how well I match them in addition to how well they match me."
- Mark, Age 27

"This is really f------ good."
- Andrew, Age 25

"Love the little messages that come up in the top righthand corner. Nice touch."
- Chris, Age 24

"I know it might sound corny, but it really speaks to our generation. It's designed for us."
- Mary, Age 26

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