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September 2009
In an era when social and professional networking uses of the internet are soaring, when just about everyone you know is on Facebook, and when people have less time than ever to meet new people, why hasn't meeting people online become something for everyone? Why is it still marginalized, kept in the semi-lit back corner of the internet, and supposed to only be for people who truly "need" it? And most of all, why shouldn't a young, attractive and successful person use it to meet some new people of their caliber? Here at Pounse, we've struggled with these questions and believe we've found the answers...

As all good stories do, ours starts with inspiration in an unexpected place: The Staples Center, downtown LA. During the fast-paced play of a Kings ice hockey game, the idea became real to our founders: meeting people online...but for people who don't need "online dating". The goal was to create a place to meet that resembled a combination of Facebook, a high-end nightclub and your favorite college house parties. With their lungs invigorated with the crisp rink air, our founders vowed to turn their vision into reality. And as a team - the Pounse Team - we believe we finally have.

Inspired by story after story of friends who tried and gave up at online dating - people who have no problem meeting new people and finding dates in the real world - we knew something was wrong. How could a smart, attractive girl in her mid 20's go on a major dating site and only be given 1 sub-par "match" in the entire United States? How could a single guy, a former professional athlete in his 40's, go on and find zero matches in the entire world? And why were all the girls they knew who were on other dating sites getting unsolicited messages from weird guys in their 50's - so many, in fact, that their inboxes resembled spam-ridden wastelands? Pounse would put a stop to all this, we promised. For months, our team brainstormed ideas of how to create the perfect solutions to these problems. Debating ideas out in the surf lineup, the gym, bars and hot tubs, we've refined these ideas to a point and are now ready to introduce Pounse to the world. was created to look like the places young people go to meet each other: nightclubs and bars...but to work like the places where we all end up meeting the best people: friend's parties and backyard BBQ's. Unlike other sites, we want to match people up the right way and make it easy, natural and safe to communicate and meet up offline. Here's what sets Pounse apart:

• First, Pounse is built around real-world friend connections. With half of successful
relationships beginning with friend introductions, we believe that the answer to "compatibility" should be built on friend networks, not 100-question surveys or personality profiles. The ability to introduce friends or get set up is at our core. After all, if someone's good enough to hang out with your friends, then that's a pretty good start.
• Next, we created security and privacy features that every premier nightspot uses: we
keep our membership exclusive (invitation, please?), we kick out users who are being creeps (thanks, "bouncers"), our members control who can start a conversation with them (the cold shoulder in action), and members can even choose who appears in their matches based on the closeness of their friend connections (think of these features as giving you your very own "VIP area").
• Finally, we believe that it's better to meet people in the real world than to chat online.
So Pounse is designed to make communication fun and easy, to help transition to meeting up in the offline world quickly. We even host monthly events to let everyone mingle offline with their friends and other Pounse members. No blind dates for Pounse members, thank you.

That's all great, but guess what? It's not enough. You also need to be able to meet the right people on Pounse, or it's all for naught. So to get the best members, we've taken down the barriers to join Pounse wherever we can - and as a result, our members are people you'll actually want to meet. Want to check out the site, create a profile and browse to see who's around? That's free. Think it would be fun to set your friends up with each other? Then go ahead - Pounse makes it easy, and that's free too. You can even attend Pounse events with your free Basic membership. And with Premium membership at only $10/month, Pounse is much cheaper than our over-priced "competition" - something we've fought to guarantee, and something we'll continue to uphold.

So far, the feedback from our users has been nothing but positive. "I tried online dating a few years ago and it was terrible", says Molly, 28. "I swore off it and never considered doing it again until a friend told me about Pounse. It's like a whole new scene. Within a few years, I think everyone's going to be on this".

Here at Pounse, we won't stop until thousands of people are meeting their perfect match through Pounse - and through their friends. As one of our founders put it best: "In my mind, our job is done when people are no longer saying I wish I could meet someone of my caliber. Someone I could actually see myself with, who I like on all dimensions'. We all know friend networks can only do so much offline, and the bar and club scene is really hit or miss. So why not use the internet to solve this problem? Clearly nobody has yet. We want to be the first to do it, and I think we have."

We'd love for you to be a part of our story. So join Pounse and together, let's make this happen.
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