We believe that you should have control over the information you share online. Wherever practical, we do our best to give you controls over what information is visible to others, make it clear what is shared, and make everyone's experience on Pounse as good as possible.

This privacy policy explains the privacy practices of Pounse, LLC (referred to as "the company", "we", and "us"), the website(s) it operates (including, referred to here "the website", "the site",, and Pounse), its Facebook canvas app and the FriendRate Facebook app (the Websites). Your information may be shared across the company's network of sites and 3rd-party applications as described herein after using or visiting any of the aforementioned sites or apps. This policy is meant to be comprehensive and takes precedence over other privacy statements made elsewhere. By using or accessing the Websites, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy. Please check this Privacy Policy frequently to ensure that you understand what information is being collected and shared, as it may be updated without advance warning.

The goal of this privacy policy is to help you understand what information we collect, how it is shared with other users, and how you can customize your information sharing. That way, you can make the best decisions for you when it comes to managing your privacy on Pounse and its network of sites and apps.

Who we collect information from

Pounse is for adults; as a result, we do not knowingly collect any information from users under 18 years of age. If we have any reason to believe that information we collect may be from anyone under 18 years of age, we reserve the right to delete this information and terminate accounts acting out of compliance with the Terms of Use. As follows from this policy, we are compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. FriendRate only collects information from Facebook users authorized to use the app.

What information we collect

The following sections describe what information we collect from you on Pounse. We collect information to help enhance and customize your experience on the site, and to help make the experiences of your friends and other members ejoyable.

• E-mail address, name and other basic personal information
When creating your Pounse account, you will provide your e-mail address, a password, your full name, age, gender, relationship status, zip code and other basic personal information. We use this information to identify your account and to support all the features present on the website.

• Other personal information you provide
To use Pounse, you may provide us with personal information to help build your profile, including written content about yourself and who you're seeking and other personal information. You may also describe your personal characteristics and the ideal characteristics of the people you're seeking and may upload photos of yourself.

• Activity on Pounse and the Websites
As you add other members to your favorites, give thumbs up and perform other activities on Pounse or FriendRate, we collect this information. Both active and passive activites are recorded and may be shared with friends or other members. For example, we may anonymously tell another member that someone has given them a thumbs up, or we may report that you were added to someone's favorites in your friends' news feeds.

• Ratings of other Website or Facebook users
We record any ratings or "skipped" ratings you make of other members or friends on Facebook. To avoid this information being recorded and potentially shared individually or in aggregate, do not submit ratings or "skip" friends or other members.

• Billing and payment information
To enable billing for services or products you purchase, we may collect personal financial information from you - like your PayPal account information or any necessary credit card billing information.

• Information about your friends
To enhance your profile and help friends and other members meet, we may share information including who your friends are, who you have performed matchmaking with and who you attended events with. Many of these settings can be controlled by you through your account settings in the "My Account" tab. To learn more about your account settings, visit the Help tab.

• Information you supply if you link your account to Facebook
When you link your Facebook account to Pounse, Pounse is able to access the information presented through Facebook's API to help create and supplement your Pounse profile, let you appear in search results, find your Facebook friends on Pounse, and support other features.

• Cookies
To enhance and customize your experience on Pounse, we may store cookies on your computer hard drive. This can also increase how quickly the site loads for you. If you don't like cookies being stored on your computer, you can usually turn them off using your internet browser settings.

• Log files and usage statistics
We may collect your IP address, time of login and other usage statistics to help measure trends on our site and determine how members interact with the website and other members.

How we use and share information

After collecting information from you, we may use it to support and enhance your experience while on the site, improve future versions of Pounse, and enforce legal agreements. Many elements of your information sharing can be managed by you in your account settings, so review your settings frequently and make sure you like your current sharing preferences.

• Disclosure required by law or the well-being of other members
We may disclose information you provide if required to do so by law, requested to do so by a third party, and we in our sole discretion believe it is reasonable to:
• comply with the law or requests from law enforcement or any legal process
• protect our, your, or a third party's rights or property
• protect our, your, or a third party's health or safety, as in the case of harm or violence being threatened
We may disclose information at our sole discretion for the purpose of preventing or stopping any suspected or actual abuse of other members.

• Evaluating our performance
We may use information in your log file and cookies to evaluate our own performance - including evaluating your usage characteristics, site functionality and your interaction with other members.

• Site personalization
To customize your experience on Pounse, we may use information we collect to personalize site layout, content, features, presentation or data sharing.

• Active matching
We may use information in your account to match and introduce you to other users, rank other members in search results, and notify you and other users of matches via Pounse's "favorites", "thumbs up" and "matchmaking" features. These other users may be friends or other members on Pounse's network of websites. Content may be evaluated to ensure it complies with the Terms of Use requirements and to validate profile completeness. Many of the details controlling these features may be modified in your account settings.

• Supporting features and discovery on Pounse and FriendRate
Information provided to us in your account may be used for a variety of purposes, including location display in search results, displaying your activity and/or identity to other members including friends and people you've communicated with through one of our communication channels (including "thumbs up", "favorites", "in a realtionship waiting list" and more). When activities are described or implied as "secret", this means that the identity of the person executing the activity (the Actor) will not be immediately revealed. However, the action may be reported anonymously and the user's identity may be determined through the combination of available information online (like who has recently viewed a profile). The Actor's identity will also be revealed if certain activities are mutual with the person they are acting upon (e.g. added to Favorites, given Thumbs Up) or the person they acted upon has unlocked this type of Actor identity information on the Website or Websites.

• Publishing and sharing on Facebook
Upon your authorization, the Websites may post to the Facebook walls of you and your friends, subject to Facebook privacy settings. These wall posts will permit a one-time preview prior to publishing; ensure that you want to post what is being shown before granting special permissions or publishing access. When using the FriendRate app, wall posts may provide a hint about the score you rated a friend, randomly ranging between the number 1 and the lesser of 6 and the score you rated that friend. These wall posts, as well as information within FriendRate, may also reveal that friend's aggregate score if at least 2 other users have rated that friend. In this way, scores may be determined in aggregate. If other users work in aggregate to rate and share scores with other users, they may also determine individual users' ratings, a violation of our Terms of Use. The average of all ratings you have received may also be revealed to other users if at least 3 users have rated you.

• Disclosure to third parties at your request
When you request and authorize us to, we may share certain information with third parties. Example: when you send a Pounse invitation to a friend, we will notify them that you are a Pounse member, share your username with them, allow them to request you as a friend and will allow them to view all of your profile information after signing up.
We will always request your explicit approval before sharing any information with these types of third parties. To ensure that no information is being shared with third parties unintentionally, please visit your account settings and review your settings.

• Helping your friends connect and helping you connect with friends of friends
When you create an account on Pounse and add friends, we will notify them of any mutual friends and allow them to request an introduction. If your Facebook account is linked to Pounse, this is also true of your friends on Facebook: Pounse members who are also your Facebook friends can view and request introductions to your Facebook friends, just as if they were on Facebook. If you contact or view the profile of a Facebook friend of one of your Pounse friends, we may send a notification to your friend telling them that their friend has gotten attention on Pounse and they should invite that person to Pounse.

• As a result of transfer of business ownership
In the case of the sale of part or all of our business, your personal information may be included in sale of the company and will be transferred to the new owners, who may have a different privacy policy than the current owners.

• Enforcing site policies, user agreements and Terms of Use
Information in your account will be used to ensure Terms of Use compliance, evaluate any complaints from other members, verify profile completeness prior to income payments, and other similar purposes.

Information we share with third parties

We don't share any of your personal information with third parties, whether for advertising or other financial purposes, unless authorized and explicitly requested by you.

We don't sell, rent or share your e-mail address with any third parties, so rest assured you won't have new spam because of us. We hate it as much as you do.

We DO share some of your personal information with other Pounse members. Information we share includes pictures, your personal characteristics, profile information and friend networks. This information is visible when users view your personal profile or perform member searches. Some of this information sharing can be controlled using settings located in your account settings.

Information other Pounse members can gather

Other Pounse members can view your account and find you using member searches. Here's a short list of information other members can learn about you, just as a primer of how things work on Pounse. It's not necessarily comprehensive, and information not listed here may be shared in ways we haven't described.

• Personal characteristics. Your personal characteristics (height, hair color, etc) are listed in your profile, where other users can see them. The same is true of your written content and profile pictures you have uploaded.

• First name. Your first name is posted on your account profile. Your last name is not shared with other members. If you enable searching for you by an exact first name and last name match, another user can find you with an exact match.

• Age. Your age is posted on your profile, but not your date of birth. Your actual date of birth is discernible once per year if a member checks your profile 2 days in a row and notices you aged overnight.

• Friend networks. Other members can view the friends you have made public, and can determine whether or not you have friends in common. You can decide whether to make certain friends public, private or top secret using settings in the Friends section of your account.

• Location. The city you live in is posted on your profile page, and is based on the zip code you provide us. Approximate location is also shown in search results to give other members a better idea what part of town you're living in. These locations are based on zip code only and are given an additional random location error.

• Orientation. Other users may be able to discern what gender you're looking for based on viewing your profile and seeing how well you match them and how well they match you. Remember that when encountering friends or people you know on Pounse, there will be a period before requesting friendship and between requesting a friend approval and its acceptance during which your friend will be able to view profile information and matching percent as a general member, also potentially revealing your orientation and what you are looking for on Pounse.

• Background and beliefs. Again, other users may be able to discern your background and beliefs based on how well you match them and how well they match you. The sharing features are very similar to those outlined above, under "Orientation".

• Information in your photos. Users may learn about what you look like and potentially where you've been, as well as other personal information throug the photos you post to your account. Always used discretion in sharing photos of you, whether directly uploaded to Pounse or linked through Facebook.

• Your favorites. If another member adds you as a favorite and you add them, we notify you both of a "Double Favorites" status. If you don't want this to happen, don't add anyone as a Favorite.

• Profile viewings. If you leave your profile viewing history turned on, other members can see the day or week you last viewed their profile. You can turn this off in your account settings.

• Your interest. When using features like "Favorite" members and the "Relationship waiting list", we do not directly reveal which anonomous users are counted in that member's "Favorites" or on their waiting list tally. However, that member may deduce which members these are by comparing changes in the number of members who have "Favorited" them or joined their "Relationship waiting list" to recent profile views or messages. To help prevent this, communicate with them with intelligent timing and modify your account privacy settings as necessary.

Information non-members of Pounse can see

So that non-members may see the Service prior to joining and see a brief sample of members, your image may appear from time to time on Pounse's network of websites as one of our "current members". Locations showing member images and limited information about you include the home page and search results page. If you do not wish to have your image appear to non-members, please contact with the subject "Hide Me" and an explanation in the subject of the email and you will be removed from potential display on the Site to non-members in a reasonable time frame.

Links to third-party websites

We may share links to selected venues you may be interested in, and provide features for members to provide links to their alleged Twitter or LinkedIn profiles in their profile. As described in our Terms of Use, we are not responsible for links posted or sent to you by other site users. We will actively remove links deemed harmful, deceptive or malicious at our sole discretion. As always, use caution before opening links sent to you by other users.


We are very serious about the security of your personal, billing and payment information. To help protect your information, we use security features like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to ensure security against fraud. While there is always risk involved in transferring data over the internet, we do our best to protect the information you share with us.

Your choices

Here are the choices you have when it comes to information use on the site:

• Information you provide
You may choose not to provide any personal information on Pounse, may choose not to create an account, or may choose to not visit or use Pounse.

• Updating your information
Your personal information can be updated through pages on the website when logged in under your username. Pages where you can update personal information include the Settings, Income, and Preferences pages.

• Controlling the sharing of your information
You can control many of the ways in which information is shared with your friends and other members using settings in your account settings. Please make sure you understand how these features are working and agree with what information is potentially being shared with other members.
If you have any questions about updating your information, please see our Help/FAQs.

• Choice (opt-in/opt-out) services
As part of your membership, you will occasionally receive e-mails from us to notify you of special opportunities, site enhancements and special events. If you decide that you do not want to receive these e-mails, there are two ways to opt out permanently or temporarily:
• Click the "unsubscribe" link provided at the bottom of these e-mails and verify that you would like your e-mail address unsubscribed.
• Change your e-mail notification preferences in the Emails section of your account.

• Browser settings
If you don't want to save cookies on your computer (which we use to enhance site performance and speed of your Pounse experience), you can stop them by changing your browser settings or can delete them from your computer on a regular basis. For more details of how to do this, see the "Help" features of your browser.

Contacting the website

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, feel free to contact us at the postal address below:

Privacy Czar
Pounse, LLC
P.O. Box 1304
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267

Acceptance of privacy statement

Use of our websites is subject to the terms described in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Your use of the website constitutes acceptance of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

The last revised version of the privacy policy, posted on the website, immediately becomes the effective version. You can view "last revised" dates by reading this privacy policy, and on other site pages where we deem it appropriate to display this information. If we ever make significant changes to the way we collect or use your information, we'll also notify you by other means (like e-mail) at our sole discretion. After any posted revision of the privacy policy, your continued use of the website constitutes acceptance of the revised privacy policy.

Privacy policy effective date
This privacy policy was last revised on June 24, 2010.