We do our best to make Pounse a safe, fun place for you to meet other cool people. Now it's up to you to do your part - follow out our tips below to be responsible, stay safe and have fun.

1. Use your best judgment

We're all adults, so use your best judgment when interacting with other members. Keep things classy and most other people will do the same - even when the feelings aren't mutual. Realize that online, it's easy for others to bend the truth a little - sometimes even a lot - so stay smart and avoid falling for anything. If something seems off - someone being creepy, abusive, harassing you, providing misleading information in their profile, or asking for information you shouldn't be giving - let us know and we'll help take care of it.

2. Be cautious when sharing personal information

As you meet people you like and feel comfortable talking to, it's only natural to begin sharing some personal information - things like your name, your job, where you like to hang out, and where you live. Remember to share this type of personal information only with people you know and trust, and do not let others pressure you into giving this information to them. Until you're ready, use Pounse as your personal communication channel. This can help protect your identity and we can notify you if this user has been banned from the site for suspicious activity.

3. Never share your password or any personal financial information with other users

There are things you should never share with people on the site. Things like your Social Security number, financial information, and any passwords to Pounse or other accounts. Things that people can use to pretend they are you and commit fraud or even steal from you. Our Pounse team members will NEVER ask you for any personally identifying or financial information, so don't believe it if someone says they need this information from you. If anyone ever contacts you requesting this information, please report them to us immediately at All official Pounse correspondence is through e-mail, and will direct you to web links starting with "" in the URL. Beware of spam and phishing scams designed to steal your information, and please notify us at if you suspect you may have encountered one.

4. Block users making undesired contact

If a user is repeatedly trying to contact you when you don't want them to, or you have reason to believe someone is viewing your profile and you don't want them to, block that user. You will no longer receive any communication from them; if enough users block a member, that member will be removed from the site. Remember that your blocked users can be viewed and modified in the Privacy section of your account. In addition to blocking users, you can also specify which general categories of people (age, sex, % match) can view your profile and contact you. We designed these features for you, so don't be afraid to use them.

5. Report any abusive, suspicious or illegal activity to Pounse immediately

It's up to you to let us know if someone's causing trouble. If you believe someone is acting in an abusive, suspicious or harassing manner, or is performing any illegal activity or doing things not in line with our Terms of Use, please notify us immediately.

6. Do your own research before meeting

While we all like to believe that people we meet are generally good, it's best to get the facts to back up our assumptions. Before meeting with someone you've met online, do your homework. See what comes up under a Google or Yahoo search and run a background check on them if you want to be thorough. It can be good to know something about who you're planning to meet before you actually meet them - both for safety and conversation's sake.

7. Don't forget to keep your first meeting safe and fun

After finding someone interesting on Pounse, using your judgment in your interactions and doing your homework on them, you'll eventually want to meet in real life. So keep that first meeting safe and fun using these simple tips:

• Meet in public: think about it - meeting at their isolated cabin in the mountains might not be the best idea for a first date
• Tell a friend: let your friend know where you're going and who you're meeting with - the classic buddy system
• Stay sober: it's fun to have a few drinks, but take it easy if you're with someone you only met recently
• Carry your mobile phone: it's just a smart thing to do, whether you just get lost or actually could use some help
• Arrange your own transportation: arrange to meet them out instead of having them pick you up
• Don't take your date to your home (and don't go to theirs): avoid bringing them to your place or going to theirs if you don't know them very well
• Don't carry excessive amounts of money or valuables: no need to put yourself in a risky situation

8. Stay classy and be nice

Even after finding someone who seems great on Pounse, it's possible you may change your mind once you actually meet them in person. Or, the opposite could happen. No matter what, remember to stay classy and treat the other person the way you'd like to be treated. That isn't that hard, is it?

Safety tips revision
These tips were last revised on June 17, 2010.