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A recruiting platform for collaboration, presentation and trust.


We have seen how technology has dehumanized recruiting & turned candidates into inventory. Our goal, through collaboration and engagement, is to humanize recruiting. As a business startup we choose to celebrate that every human being is 100% equal, no matter the color of their skin, the size of their bank account, or their gender.

Smart & Beautiful Career Profiles

Looking for work / helping someone get work? Get noticed with Pounse.


A smart career profile will get you noticed by hiring managers & win more interviews. 


Prescreen, manage & showcase talent to employers impressively. HINT: no emailed PDFs


Collaborate with students, prescreen, accrue notes, track, & showcase students


Manage an internal talent pool of employees for talent mobility & succession planning


Get noticed, get interviewed

Pounse Career Profiles were designed alongside hiring managers and recruiters. With a guided hand to help job seekers, from students to seasoned pros, put a skills driven, experiential digital resume that ties in context and verified sources elegantly and easily.


Free, GDPR compliant & easy to set up.


Collaborate with empowered students

Share comments , suggest edits & prepare student profiles to presen to employers on a single platform. Also, manage interested employers and set up a pseudo career fair steering students to the employers of their choice. It’s all possible on Pounse Talent platform.


Pounse Talent Manager is $25/month

A light price for a robust platform. Connect with us to learn why our pricing is so competitive.


Fill your talent pool with exceptional career profiles

Recruiting is cut throat. How do stand apart from every other recruiter sending your client PDFs over email? You mesmerize them with a showcase of talent in a beautiful format that no other ATS can do for you.
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Empower employees with opportunites to climb

Know your workforce, know their skillsets and experiences. Make strategic inhouse decision for talent Mobility, succession planning, and new development thanks to affordable & accessible internal data at your fingertips. 


Pick your solution

Build a free career profile and market yourself like a fox. Or manage and collaborate with students and job seekers with our Talent Manager. In either case, make the recruitment world a little better.



/ month

  • Private Talent Pool
  • Invite, Collaborate, Present
  • Client Showcase + Portal
  • Career Board with Features
  • Unlimited candidates
  • Unlimited Call in or Email Support
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The people behind Pounse

Rob Hernandez

CEO & Founder

Pounse is Rob’s second startup in HR technology. His first was gowerk, a platform that empowered employees and managers to collaborate during performance reviews. Sound familiar? He realized that Bottom-Up designed Tech is more effective and more adopted then Top-down tech (read: rammed down the throats of employees).

Jason Burrows

CTO & Founder

Jason’s primary objective is to construct and lead effective teams that exceed productivity expectations using modern management techniques. He uses positive motivation and collaborative team building in place of pressure tactics to achieve this goal.

Resources, Insights & Conversations

We don’t know everything there is to know about Recruiting. But over the years, talking to hiring managers and recruiters and job seekers, we’ve learned a lot that we like to pass on to you. Here are some articles that you can dive into, share, and send us feedback on. We’d LOVE to hear from you.

Expect more resume congestion in the post-Covid19 jobs economy.

33 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits, since mid-March. The total number of unemployed (documented) is over 38 million. That’s over 11% of the population in the US! That number[…]

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Micro Recruiting is bringing sexy humans back

Something stinks in recruiting. It’s costly, noisy and disengaging and the future of HR Tech isn’t paying attention. Micro recruiting can save us, if we embrace it. The Recruiting industry[…]

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Your Resume format is crucial to get your foot in the door.

Hey Ma, they didn’t get my Word Doc resume, WTF? Putting together a resume is like writing an obituary for your career, except, you’re not technically dead (although you might[…]

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Write your resume for you first, then the hiring manager.

Many employers and recruiters are eager to tell you what they want to see in a resume. A hashtag search on LinkedIn will show you thousands of opinions posted under[…]

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Resume Prep: Research jobs inside & out.

To get the attention of a hiring manager, it pays to be on the same page. It shows you have an understanding for the job opening, plus it helps you[…]

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Use Action Verbs, not passive voice in your Resume

A resume should be clear A first impression with a hiring manager lasts 6 seconds. A bad first impression will put you in the same group with 98% of applicants[…]

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