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Business Operations Mgr

Business Operations Overview

We are looking for a Business Operations Mgr to keep align business functions with our strategic goals. We expect you to track business results, perform cost-benefit analyses and monitor KPIs, exemplify great leadership and communicate the vision of the company across all levels.


  • Oversee all system and perform quality assessments
  • Maximize efficiency of business procedures
  • Establish and monitor product KPIs
  • Oversee daily operations
  • Design and manager processes that meet business needs
  • Adhere to compliance regulations
  • Monitor financial data and participate in profitability solutions
  • Coordinate with HR to oversee hiring plans
  • Hear from customers, partners and internal stakeholders when devising strategic plans


  • Experience as a Business Operations Mgr
  • Experience forecasting models
  • Strong understanding of databases and project management software
  • Proficient in operations management
  • Proficient in financial data
  • Leadership and Communication fluency
  • BSc in Business Management

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