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Don’t make resumes out of sand paper

Resumes are sand paper to the hiring industry. They are so abrasive that hiring managers hate reading PDF after PDF, trying to decipher talent and skills and fit. Believe it or not, hiring managers are people, just like you and me, who manage a team, and have goals to achieve in their role. Then, when…
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Expect more resume congestion in the post-Covid19 jobs economy.

33 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits, since mid-March. The total number of unemployed (documented) is over 38 million. That’s over 11% of the population in the US! That number is so huge that there’s a lot of pressure to get businesses to reopen and get people back to work. As the jobs economy, expect…
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Your Resume format is crucial to get your foot in the door.

Hey Ma, they didn’t get my Word Doc resume, WTF? Putting together a resume is like writing an obituary for your career, except, you’re not technically dead (although you might feel it cause you been ghosted so many times by hiring managers and recruiters). The trick is to be interesting, and tell your story without…
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Resume Prep: Research jobs inside & out.

To get the attention of a hiring manager, it pays to be on the same page. It shows you have an understanding for the job opening, plus it helps you remove any clutter to your resume that may already be assumed. Start by understanding both the general expectations and unique expectations of a jobs skills,…
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Use Action Verbs, not passive voice in your Resume

A resume should be clear A first impression with a hiring manager lasts 6 seconds. A bad first impression will put you in the same group with 98% of applicants who get dumped when resumes are compared. Only 2% will win interview, so express your experiences, skills and education as briefly and clearly as possible.…
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