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How bad hires can cost your company

A bad #hire is someone who doesn’t last beyond the 3 month probation period. These folks cost companies upwards of $100K. When you take into account that 1 in 4 hires are bad, the math reveals that companies lose a lot. Why? Stupid Reason 1: Companies rely heavily on automation to sift through resumes. Except tech platforms…
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Computer Security Specialist

Ensure that technology systems are are secure by maintaining security measures, preventing malicious access and responding to privacy breaches.

Chief Information Officer

Your job is to help information technology bring maximum value to our business by overseeing the IT strategy.

Business Operations Mgr

Ensure all business functions are in line with goals. Track business results, perform cost-benefit analyses and monitor KPIs

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst links information technology potential and business objectives by supporting analytical, development, deployment goals.

BI Consultant

Convert data into business knowledge using analytical solutions. Developing and implementing our business intelligence framework

Backend Developer

Backend Developer Job Overview We want you to develop and maintain the server side of our web applications. With strong programming skills, you’ll work closely with our engineers to ensure a high standard in system quality. Responsibilities Be a part the development process, focusing on coding & debugging Write clean code to develop functional web…
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Application Developer

Application Developer Job Overview Write clean code for fully functional applications as part of a team and on your own with little supervision. Be a master of at least one programming language while understanding a variety of platforms. Responsibilities Communicate with support, designers and project managers proficiently. Be familiar with client requirements Collaborate with a…
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Analytics Manager

Analytics Manager Job Overview Join us as an Analytics Manager to drive high performance by overseeing our system of analytics, managing the analyst team and running the translation of raw data into valuable business insights. If you can analyze complex strings of data, apply business intelligence and communicate it into easily understood digestable pieces of…
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IT Analyst

IT Analyst Job Overview We are looking for an IT Analyst to gather and rank user requirements, and oversee system upgrades. Are you analytical and grasp business needs? Help us meet organizational needs using the latest, smartest tech solutions. Responsibilities Develop and study functional specifications Gather & understand business requirements Design IT systems to meet…
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