Chief Information Officer

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Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Office Overview

Your job is to help information technology bring maximum value to our business by overseeing the IT strategy, and supporting its success with proper operations.


  • Oversee the strategic direction for IT (Information Technology)
  • Find and manage tools in order to streamline all operations according to their goals
  • Design & implement tech systems in order to raise customer experience,
  • Mentor and manage IT professionals and other employees
  • Approve purchases and establish partnerships with IT providers
  • Oversee and optimize the technological infrastructure (networks and computer systems).
  • Oversee IT-related projects
  • Monitor technology trends
  • Leverage Technology in order to give company competitive advantages
  • Advise leadership on costs, value and risks of IT


  • Some Experience as CIO
  • Experience with IT systems and infrastructure
  • Experience in designing/developing/implementing IT systems
  • Problem-solving capabilities
  • Experience with data analysis, budgeting
  • Strategic business thinking
  • Proficient in Leadership
  • Proficient in communication and people
  • BSc/BA in computer science, engineering or relevant field

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