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Empower Students. Engage Employers. Stand apart.

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Create incredible profiles, screen,
collaborate & empower students.



Showcase jobs & employers to your student
body. Monetize it by featuring employers.



Curate talent into a clean and fluid
presentation deck for employers

Focus on skills in context

A resume doesn’t have to look bare without work experience

⭐️  Highlight your skills from class
⭐️  Tie your skills to classes, projects, stories
⭐️  Show off awards & put your GPA in your degree field
⭐️  Validate your experience with verified references

Bring context to the conversation

⭐️  Help a company see fit with projects, stories, context
⭐️  Your volunteer hours can be highlighted in your work
⭐️  As you add more work, shift the balance to experience

Bring Pounse to your School

Only $25/month: First 2 weeks free.

Actually Collaborate for the best outcome

Imagine, not passing a PDF back and forth, or sending employers attachments. Imagine wowing everyone: students, employers, your own mother. It’s not rocket science, it’s just human.

Guiding Hand

A score guides users to make a resume that’s clear and balanced

Snapshot Timeline

A snap shot of education and any experiences helps employers see the big picture

Work Together

Working with advisors and recruiters is much easier in a pounse profile

Track Success

For every resume sent out, you can track who’s reacting and who may haven’t seen it at all

Empower each and every student.

Bring Pounse to your School

Pounse Talent Manager is $25/month. Try a 14 Day free trial.

A beautifully portable profile

Share your profile by text message, email direct, present an email package, broadcast on social media.