How bad hires can cost your company

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How bad hires can cost your company

A bad #hire is someone who doesn’t last beyond the 3 month probation period. These folks cost companies upwards of $100K. When you take into account that 1 in 4 hires are bad, the math reveals that companies lose a lot.


Stupid Reason 1: Companies rely heavily on automation to sift through resumes. Except tech platforms make mistakes when a human formatted resume doesn’t match the algorithm, potentially filtering out the right hire.

Stupid Reason 2: Automation is needed because a job is posted to hundreds of job boards with 1 click by tech platforms. More is not merrier in this case because job boards draw in candidates that are not measured by fit.

Stupid Reason 3: Tech platforms give candidates 1-click-apply buttons to apply to dozens of jobs with 1 click but without research or a targeted approach churning up more spam applications.

Stupid Reason 4: SMB hiring managers aren’t supported to write better job ads, so a job description with the wrong words won’t only attract the wrong candidates, it will alienate the right candidates

It’s a cycle: Tech giants like indeed, ziprecruiter, linkedin create overwhelming volume, then offer automation to sift through the volume. Business-wise it’s brilliant, but is it ethical?

What if we made hiring human again.