Job Description Templates

Need a hand getting started on your Job Description? The following job description templates can be your starting point for a job description. Remember to describe what your company/team needs with clarity in as few words as possible. The longer the job description, the more likely a candidate won’t fully read it, and your inbox will fill with poorly matched resumes. So be clear, succinct, and focus on top priorities.

IT Job Descriptions

Backend Developer

A proficient developer that is able to develop and maintain web applications to meet business needs

IT Analyst

Gather and rank user requirements, and oversee system upgrades. Analytical, grasp business needs and help meet organizational needs with the latest, smartest tech solutions.

Analytics Manager

Analyze complex strings of data, apply business intelligence and communicate it into easily understood digestable pieces of info for our business stakeholders.

Applications Developer

Write clean code for fully functional applications as part of a team and on your own with little supervision.

Business Intelligence Consultant

Convert data into business knowledge using analytical solutions and identify relevant data to acquire and analyze.

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst links information technology potential and business objectives by supporting analytical, development, deployment goals.

Business Operations Manager

Someone with leadership chops to ensure that all business functions are in line with our strategic goals & monitor KPIs.

CIO – Chief Information Officer

Help information technology bring maximum value to our business by overseeing the IT strategy, and supporting its success with proper operations.

Computer Security Specialist

Ensure that technology systems are are secure by maintaining security measures, preventing malicious access and responding to privacy breaches.