“Not another PDF attachment”

We designed the ideal resume so hiring managers can focus on hiring.

Talent Engagement

Your very private, closed off, talent pool. Simple and trackable invites, collaborate, engage, and share candidates with clients.

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Career Board

White labeled, elegant, configurable, customizable, rich, simple and completely under your control – show/hide as you wish.

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Gorgeous Talent Showcase

Stop emailing PDF attachments. Show off your talented candidates along with all your hard work in a beautifully crafted presentation.

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Engagement is King

Empower candidates, enable collaboration & help employers see potential.


Invite by email, link or shell to give candidates multiple choices


No need to edit a PDF. Share comments & collaborate online


Capture working notes on each candidate & choose to share.


Group, organize & filter candidates with tags that are easy to assign.

Setup in 1 min.

Candidates can easily create a base profile in 60 seconds.


Track candidates based on events: you set what, when, and why.

Lights, camera, action.


Make your candidates more interesting with an
interactive slide show presentation.


No more PDFs in your clients inbox, without
guidance, without a story. Be persuasive
with a good pitch.


As you manage your candidates, the presentation
is being built behind the scenes (not by mice – I hope).


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A Clean Career Board

A beautifully designed board for you to share your jobs, your clients, your vision. A user experience that’s intertwined with candidates, employers and you can configure it all with a few clicks.

White Label

Brand with a unique URL, background imagery, your own messaging and content.


Choose which jobs you share & how much you share per job such as location, company, logo 

Curated Connections

Moderate relationships once candidates connect, massage how employers see fit.

$25/recruiter monthly

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Create Smart Profiles

Create candidate profiles yourself, quick and easy before inviting candidates to opt-in.

Invite Candidates

Found someone on LinkedIn, invite them to collaborate and present on Pounse.

Share Your Board

Advertise jobs & direct interested people to a landing page branded just for you.

Powerful Profiles

Candidates are instantly rewarded with beautiful profiles with a simple creation process.

Collaborate + Feedback

Share feedback and collaborate on profiles all in one place making it engaging for everyone.


Create countless templates for purposes of prescreening or interviewing.

Prescreens + Notes

Capture insights into your candidates to use for personal and presentation purposes 

Showcase Candidates

A web based presentation helps hiring mangers see value much more quickly then a PDF

Track your Pipeline

Know where the talent is in your pipeline from a birds eye view to a look into each job.

Share Analytics

Track basic KPIs that are important to your business and important to your clients.

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