Your Resume format is crucial to get your foot in the door.

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Your Resume format is crucial to get your foot in the door.

Hey Ma, they didn’t get my Word Doc resume, WTF?

Putting together a resume is like writing an obituary for your career, except, you’re not technically dead (although you might feel it cause you been ghosted so many times by hiring managers and recruiters). The trick is to be interesting, and tell your story without wasting a hiring managers precious time, which is about 5 minutes. So how do you make your work, skills and education interesting enough for a hiring manager to exclaim: “Oh I want you”, instead of “Sweet Jesus, end my suffering with a bolt of lightning”.

PRO TIP: Make your content and layout as bite sized as possible. A verbose, cluttered and stapled paper resume will scare the Shit out of a hiring manager

There are various things to consider when you write your career pitch in a resume, such as:

  • Format: is this a word document, a PDF, a web site?
  • Delivery: is this an attachment to an email or a link to a web page?
  • Design: what’s the layout, how does it look, how does it ready?
  • Content: what, how much do you want to say about your career?
  • Context: how is what you’re saying relevant to the job?
  • Audience: who is this for, someone specific or a general target?

Today, let’s talk about Format, ok?

Be thoughtful about what kind of format you want to deliver your resume in – a paper document, a proprietary file type, an open sourced file type, a universal file type, a web page. They all have their pros and cons so think about how to get ATTENTION and how to hold their ATTENTION. I don’t know why I emphasized attention, but I don’t know how to use the backspace_.

A Hard Copy Paper Resume

Boom, you’ve broken convention. You’re going to hell in a handbasket and going to upset every single hiring manager who hates paper. There will be countless LinkedIn posts about you saying “how dare you waste my time with PAPER”. OR you are so different that hiring managers love you. In this day and age of tech combing through electronic resumes, deciding what hiring managers ought to see and not see, a mailed in, paper resume will not only raise eyebrows, get read, show initiative and effort and distinction, but it will beat the despised mother fuckin’ ATS.

A Microsoft word resume

If you create a word document, not only does an angel lose its wings, you have to be sure that the recipient has Microsoft Word (licensed software) to be able to open up a word document on their computer. Also realize that some email spam filters might reject word documents because MS Word is a great way to deliver viruses to computers.

A PDF Resume

A Portable Document Format (PDF) is very accessible, as in almost every operating system and browser is able to open a PDF without trouble. However, they can sometimes balloon in size if you include bitmap pictures of your face (which is something else to discuss), which may or may not cause a problem depending on any size limits to recipient inboxes. You can create a PDF in google docs, and Microsoft word.

A Web hosted Resume

A web version of your resume is one way to simplify the delivery to the hiring manager. However where you host your resume should be taken into consideration. For example: LinkedIn is a data mine for recruiters and companies who use profiles as a sourcing mecca. Not to mention your profile is competing for attention alongside ads and social media noise. I mean, they talk about profiles as YOUR data, but they acted much differently when they sued a company (HiQ labs) for scraping public data. They lost, cause they were wrong, so very very wrong.

But these aren’t your only options. Let me shamelessly plug my little startup. Ready? READY?

A Pounse Career Profile.

Boom! God, that was FANTASTIC, right?

Not to toot my own horn, but Pounse is kinda amazeballs. We looked at all the different formats when building Pounse and heard the hiring managers tell us what they loved and hated.

Pounse is accessible in any browser or smart device. It can be accompanied by a PDF, or without, you get to pick. It’s something you can customize from application to the next. And it bypasses the ATS (bleh, the ATS is mankinds worst invention, I think). Pounse is ad-free, not a talent pool, and a beautiful layout that makes hiring managers feel as happy as Bob Ross painting your beautiful face into their employee roster. (mmm, happy little skill sets here, and here).

Pounse is either a public or private profile that is accessible by email link to anyone who has received your invite, which you can revoke at any time. Pounse is kinda awesome, and it gets you noticed. (It’s my blog and I can be totally biased – shut your pretty mouth internet people).

Whatever format you choose, try to stand apart, and if a hiring manager doesnt appreciate then make your mark elsewhere. And if you’re still having troubles, email me: and I will give you a shout out on our blog site.

Create a Free Pounse Profile here:

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