Write your resume for you first, then the hiring manager.

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Write your resume for you first, then the hiring manager.

Many employers and recruiters are eager to tell you what they want to see in a resume. A hashtag search on LinkedIn will show you thousands of opinions posted under the pretence of advice. From font sizes, to the number of bullets per job.

Everyone has different ideas of the perfect resume all underscored with: “I just want to see you succeed…” – uh huh, liar, you want a resume to be written just for you.

23 years ago, my wife, then girlfriend was writing a resume. She created a simple one pager with two receptionist jobs.

Her dad, a university Professor with a PhD, wasn’t happy with how “scant her CV showed”. His revisions added two more pages. “Now THAT’s more impressive!” he gushed.

She heard nothing back after weeks of applying. When she re-wrote it to be a simple, honest resume she got a job immediately.

Resume writing is not rocket science, but with all the dizzying advice, job seekers are overwhelmed and confused with what is acceptable and what isn’t. When writing your resume focus on an honest resume, be true to yourself, your experiences, your skillsets. And by being sincere and true, you’ll likely win an interview.

Sincerity won’t get their attention though. To do that, you’ll need to focus on design, marketing, and context.